Bad News Bears

The good news about Bad News Bears is that it's not quite as bad as The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl. And, well,  it's not in 3-D. The bad news is, this Billy Bob Thornton remake of the classic 1976 film The Bad News Bears, which starred Walter Matthau and Tatem O'Neal, barely made it to first base before I was ready to leave the theater. I, unfortunately, had to review it, and so for you, dear readers, I made the sacrifice of sitting through every last minute. And it wasn't fun.

Okay, first I have to get this off my chest: what the hell was Richard Linklater thinking, directing this film? The man directed Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, and The School of Rock, and he sinks to this? Wow. Just, wow. And don't get me started on Oscar winners Thornton and Marcia Gay Harden, and Oscar nominee Greg Kinnear even being in this film. All three give somewhat decent performances, given what they have to work with, but - c'mon! Why are these people slumming in a film like this? Was there a shortage of decent scripts in Hollywood in the past year?