• Apparently never having met a linguistic gimmick he didn't like, Mel Gibson is insisting on shooting his next film, the violent action saga Apocalypto, in an "obscure Mayan dialect". He's also going to shoot on location in Mexico and cast the film mostly with natives of the region. Sounds like box office gold.
  • Sure, Roman Polanski won $387,000 from the pervert sweepstakes his libel trial - but he still has to pay $500,000 for the videolink that enabled him to testify.
  • In what sounds like a pitch tailor-made for Shelley Long circa 1987, Brian Grazer is producing The People's House, a comedy about a divorcing president and first lady squabbling over who gets to keep the house -- yes, the White House.
  • Justin Chang is gaga over John Cusack's "maverick turn" in Must Love Dogs: "Cusack's offbeat perf is a dazzling display of nonstop verbiage, so prodigious it's tempting to suspect that the actor, who always seems to be sneaking in dialogue ahead of and behind the beat, was allowed free rein to improvise."
  • Dreamworks Animation can't figure out why their projections on Shrek 2 DVD sales were so bloody off.
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