There was an article by Michael Goldman in yesterday's LA Times, about My Date With Drew, Brian Herzlinger's documentation of his 30-day quest to secure a date with Drew Barrymore. At this point in the DV "revolution", it hardly even seems novel to hear that Herzlinger and friends financed their film on $1100 of game show winnings, shot it (almost) entirely on a consumer-quality miniDV camera within Circuit City's 30-day refund window, and edited it at home on a laptop. And there's something tedious, even, about the way Goldman and other journalists let Herzlinger talk himself into a corner about how his little homemade movie is going to really "make things happen" for him, how "it's about the journey" and also about his "dreams coming true". If I had just read one or two articles like this about the film, I'd probably make a rude hand gesture and be done with it.

But I saw My Date with Drew a couple of weeks ago, and was totally, unexpectedly, thoroughly charmed by it. Though it's clear to see why the making of this film looks like puff-piece paydirt, the film itself actually pulls off something a lot more interesting (which, to be fair, Goldman's piece does allude to): it's a real-life romantic comedy with all of the undeniable "magic" of, well, a Drew Barrymore movie. I'll write more on it in the coming weeks before its release, but I thought I'd first take one step to puncture the hype balloon with genuine praise.
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