Variety has been digging for clues on Stephen Spielberg's Munich Olympics film, currently in production in Malta. Very little is known for sure - to the point where the only fact the trade will confirm is the project's title: Munich. The actual contents of the script are, at this point, virtually anyone's guess; supporting cast members have only been given script pages relevant to their parts, and "just a handful of cast members have read the completed script."

But Michael Fleming is most interested in rumors that one of the sources used by scribes Tony Kushner and Eric Roth is a controversial book called Vengeance. One of Variety's sources dismissed Vengeance as "this sexy plot of an epic squad composed of a German, a Frenchman, an American, a Brit sounds like a bunch of clowns playing partisans behind enemy lines. It never happened that way." Another source insists that the influence of the book on the script was minimal: "It's a responsible telling of the story that takes dramatic license because it isn't trying to be a documentary," says Dennis Ross, a Middle East ambassador for both Bill Clinton and the first George Bush. And I'm sure Ross is right - because when has Steven Speilberg ever chosen "sexy" over "responsible"?

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