On Friday, a British jury awarded Roman Polanski about $50,000 in a libel suit brought by the filmmakers against Vanity Fair, who had alleged that Polanski was seen hitting on a model in a restaurant whilst en route to the funeral of his slain wife, Sharon Tate. Here's a look at some of the post-verdict buzz on the interwebs:
  • Beatte Telle, the model at the center of Vanity Fair's story, told a reporter from the Globe and Mail that her recollection of the events matches Polanski's. "He never said that he would 'make me another Sharon Tate' or that he would make me a star. He never spoke to me at all," Telle told the newspaper. "He just stared at me for ages." So creepy yes, but not *that* creepy...
  • "Everyone loves a good anecdote, and not all anecdotes are double-checked for accuracy." Elaine Kaufman, the Elaine of Elaine's, uses the trial as an opportunity to ponder the nature of truth and memory. "Everybody was drinking, everybody was smoking cigarettes, or whatever. I don't know how they could remember anything." The post-structuralists would be proud.
  • The Reeler is almost as obsessed with the bloody kitten defense as I am; he, however, has taken the time to Photoshop-illustrate that powerful mental image, and I'm pretty sure that means he wins.
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