Henry CavillOK, they've been teasing us for months with this "Who's going to be the next Bond" mystery. First Brosnan quit (or was he asked to leave?). Then it was Clive Owen taking over the role. Then it was Daniel Craig named as the next 007. Then Judi Dench said she thought Brosnan was coming back after all. Then we heard that a bunch of guys had auditioned for the role, including Robbie Williams, Hugh Jackman, Dominic West, and Ioan Gruffuud. I think at one point I was even mentioned as a possibility.

Now comes word that the final four are as follows: Goran Visnjic (of ER), Alex O'Lachlan, Henry Cavill, and Ewan Stewart. Take a look and tell us which of the four you'd like to see, because this is the real, real, real, honest-to-goodness final, final, final list of Bond contenders. We mean it.*

*Subject to change 

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