The Island grossed just $12.1 million in its opening weekend, and at just 10% of its production budget, that makes it the biggest flop in a summer full of big flops. Director Michael Bay - our vote for The Smirkiest Man Alive - is still reeling a bit from the fallout. Sure, he's more than capable of spreading the blame - he's still upset about posters that he claims made actress Scarlett Johannson "look like a porn star" - but he's also striking uncharacterisitc notes of humility. "It's a debacle," he told the Los Angeles Times. "It hurts." Still, he manages to keep some kind of perspective: "Everyone from [Steven] Spielberg to [Robert] Zemeckis to [Stanley] Kubrick — they've all had big flops," he said. True. So, Michael Bay, here's the deal: when you make Barry Lyndon, we'll cut you a little bit of slack about your big flop. Or you can just keep making crap and we'll keep on making fun of you. The choice is yours.