• A host of new titles have been added to the lineup of the 2005 Toronto Film Festival, including Margaret Cho's Bam Bam and Celeste, and Terry Gilliam's Tideland.
  • New Line has purchased rights to The Rhthym Section, by British novelist Mark Burnell. One of a series, the studio is hoping to launch a new franchise centering on the book's protagonist, a female assassin named Stephanie Patrick. In the first film, Patrick begins as "a Soho prostitute, having fallen into drugs and drink after the death of her family in an aircrash," but is eventually "jolted out of her downward spiral and recruited by a shadowy branch of the intelligence services to track down the killers." So, essentially, Angelina Jolie ought to clear her schedule.
  • According to Robert Koehler, Iain Softley's The Skeleton Key, a Gothic horror film starring Kate Hudson and Gena Rowlands, "looks fabulous and feels empty at the core."
  • Netflix is turning a small profit - they're up 37% from last year - causing its stock to shoot up 12% on Monday. So when's Amazon gonna jump into the market and ruin everything?
  • Universal os going to make a movie based on the videogameGod of War, about an ancient Greek warrior's quest for Pandora's Box.
  • Fox has agreed to submit content for those twenty-minute ad reels that show in multiplexes before the movie.
  • Will Farrell has followed his long-time agent, Jason Heyman, from UTA to CAA.
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