It's no secret that DreamWorks' fortunes have been marching steadily, as of late, into the crapper: first their animation division (which was sliced off into a seperate, publically traded company last year) faced serious losses on the Shrek 2 DVD, plus an investigation from the SEC; now, with The Island, David Geffen and the boys have signed their names on the biggest flop of the summer. There are two stories floating around the web today that suggest they're trying to do something about all of this. First, McDonalds announced that they've brokered a two-year deal to cross-promote DreamWorks films via TV commercials, toys, etc. But even bigger than that is the New York Post-fueled rumor that DreamWorks is looking to get bought by NBC Universal. Neither studio would confirm that talks are underway, but the post claims to have testimony from "three sources familiar with the matter" that the live-action branch of the company is for sale. DreamWorks is currently the 7th ranked Hollywood studio. They've made $275.5 million this year - almost $200 of which is from Madagascar alone. Universal's year revenue is currently at $425 million.