After months of controversy - Francis Ford Coppola may have intitially "embraced the project", but now he says he hates it; James Caan has nothing but creepy, creepy praise for it - Electronic Arts' videogame version of The Godfather has hit another snag. It's long been reported that Marlon Brando had recorded an audio track for the game weeks before passing away last summer. Now Electronic Arts is admitting that said audio track was "unusable" and will not be incorporated into the game. Apparently, Brando had breathing problems that necessitated the use of an oxygen tank during the recording session. Not only did the actor's health prevent him from recording the entire script during that session, but the audio he did committ to tape was marred by the sound of the tank. EA is said to have recruited a sound-a-like to re-record the lines. A source tells Contact Music: "He's not bad, but then who can't do a decent impression of The Godfather?"
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