I've already expressed my disapointment over the stills we've seen from Aeon Flux, Karyn Kusama's translation of the MTV animated series starring Charlize Theron. The animated Aeon, with her Cher-hair and barely-there bondage look (really more of a contraption than an outfit), her limbs always flailing as if independent from her body, was a porntastic Amazon woman with absolutely no interest in sex. Talk about existential crisis. Kusama, it seemed, had decided to smooth out that entire contradiction through a manner of costuming: from what we've seen,  Theron's Flux has been brought depressingly down to earth. She's still probably a rebel fighter caught between right and wrong, but she looks like she's modelling a wetsuit for Ms. magazine.

It's interesting, then, to learn that the new look was all Theron's idea. According to Contact Music, the original costume was much like what we remember from the series: "a bikini, thigh-high boots and shoulder pads." Theron decided she needed to add pants. "I wanted to stay as true as possible to the original character, but didn't feel the need to go as far with the costume," she says. "When you're playing with aspects of sexuality, certain things have to be hidden." And I agree with her ... when it comes to real life. When it comes to remaking a cult classic superhero cartoon ... I'm not so sure.
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