• Laura M. Holson predicts an imminent announcement from the studios regarding a major push into the world of digital projection. But don't hold your breath - the studios and theater owners haven't yet figured out who's going to pay for it.
  • "People don't care about format; they just want good work. Celluloid fetishists and those video artists who still believe in the revolutionary promise of their medium may care about format, but such fussiness seems quaint and generally beside the point." Manohla Dargis can't figure out why Scanners, formerly known as the New York Festival of Video, still needs to exist, but she's not inherently offended by it.
  • "It's one thousand times more difficult to make a film than to write a book," says Dai Sijie, who turned to novel writing as his film career sagged, and is now making the movie version of that book.
  •  According to Stephen Holden, The 3 Rooms of Melancholia is "one of the saddest films ever made."
  • "[I]f we journalists are to demand a legal privilege to protect our sources, we need to show that we serve the public good - which means covering genocide as seriously as we cover, say, Tom Cruise." Nicholas D. Kristoff points fingers at his peers' appetite for celebrity coverage.
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