We've reported severaltimes about the ongoing labor struggle at Manhattan's new IFC Theater. In case you haven't been paying attention: the complex, which is owned by a subsidiary of Cablevision, has repeatedly refused to hir union projectionists to work in the theater. The union retaliated by setting up shop outside the theater with a giant inflatable rat (amongst other patron-distracting methods). Now several high-profile members of IFC's board of directors are crossing lines to get in on the fight. Director John Sayles, always an advocate for the worker (at least, when he's not scriptingJurassic Park 4) wrote a letter to IFC Center's John Vanco, which the Village Voice excerpts this week. "As the other movie theaters in New York . . . have been able to come to some kind of equitable agreement with this union," he wrote, "I can only imagine that your stance is part of a general anti-organized-labor policy of Cablevision." Other fancy board members, including Tim Robbins and Ethan Hawke, have also expressed distaste for the situation. Leftyism lives! At least, in situations like this, in which outspoken Hollywood figures have absolutely nothing to lose.

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