• Fox's Mike Darnell and Imagine's Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are joining forces on a space-themed reality TV show. "From a visual standpoint, this show will seem like a $150 million movie," said Imagine TV's David Nevins. "It's the ultimate in summer tentpole programming." Because after the success of Cinderella Man, Howard has every right to think big.
  • Norman Lear, producer of All in the Family and Sanford and Son, as well as The Princess Bride, is investing $115 million in Village Roadshow Pictures, the production company behind Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the upcoming Rumor Has It.
  • Russell Crowe is likely to sign on to A Good Year, the next film from Ridley Scott. Scott is currently scouting locations in Provence for the drama about an investment banker who takes over a failing family vineyard.
  • As expected, the major studios brokered a pact to yesterday to move forward with digital projection. Now they're just waiting for their financiers to come up with a money plan.
  • MTV Films is working on bringing Damn Nation to the screen. Based on Andy Crosby's comic, the film will detail what happens when vampires take over the world (except not in a Buffy-like way).
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