Venice International Film FestivalThe Venice International Film Festival, which opens August 31 and runs through September 10, has 19 films vying for the "Golden Lion" award in the Competition section of the festival. The festival will also feature Out of Competition and Horizons sections, as well as The Secret History of Asian Cinema.

Qi Jian (Seven Swords) by Tsui Hark, will open the festival. Shot in locations around Xinjiang, China, the film features a cast packed with some of the brightest stars in Asian film, including Leon Lai (Three, Infernal Affairs), Charlie Young (New Police Story, Fallen Angels), Donnie Yen (Blade 3, Hero), Chinese actors Sung Hong-Lei (Zhou Yu's Train) and Lu Yi, and Korean actress Kim So Yeon. Eddie Wong (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) helmed the costume and set designs, and martial arts choreographer Lar Kar-Leung (Drunken Master 2) managed the action.

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