On the set of her current film Catch and Release, actress Jennifer Garner has given a tiny bit of information on the likelihood of sequels to Daredevil and Elektra. On the status of old horn-head Garner passes on word from her baby's daddy Ben Affleck that things have just started on the project. About Elektra, though, it seems that despite director Rob Bowman being interested there's not much importance (perhaps because they've seen the original) from Marvel Comics.

Now, I just watched Elektra for the first time not long ago and also recently rewatched Daredevil, and I have to say that, despite feeling DD is the better of the two, there's not much need for sequels to either. There wasn't the character development that we wanted to watch progress like there was in Spider-Man and there wasn't an interesting story like there was in X-Men. Write these two properties off, folks. Think of the pain you'll inflict and just walk away. I'm really asking.

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