• Maggie Gyllenhaal and Maria Bello have signed on to star in Oliver Stone's as-yet-untitled film about 9/11. They'll play wives of Port Authority officers rescued from the attack site. This, of course, is Gyllenhaal's second 9/11 project: she stirred up controversy by saying that America "was in some way responsible" tfor the attacks whilst promoting Danny Leiner's The Great New Wonderful.
  • 11 years in, it looks like Dreamworks, a company orignially founded on the concept of providing an alternative to the mordern studio system, "may be folded into just that structure". As Nicole LePorte writes, they may not have another choice.
  • With three box office disapointments this summer, Sony is aching for Spiderman 3.
  • Stealth, a blatant rip-off of 2001 that also steals from Behind Enemy Lines, is really more like The Island.
  • Sky High, meanwhile, "satisfies with a clever commingling of spoofy superheroics, school-daze hijinks, and family friendly coming-of-age dramedy,"
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