Scarlett JohanssonOnce again, the members of the Screen Actors Guild have voted to approve a new contract covering voice over work in the video game sector. Guild officials previously balked at a member-approved contract that did not include residuals. The new Interactive Media Agreement still does not include residuals, but does secure higher salaries and better benefits. The contract was approved by 81.2% of the members who voted.

Boy, am I relieved. Now Scarlett Johannson and Ewan McGregor will be able to do the voice-overs for that hotly anticipated video game version of The Island. In the game, Johansson will scream and run around, while McGregor attempts to save Dreamworks exec Steven Spielberg and director Michael Bay from sinking a giant pit of quicksand with a rope made of dollar bills tied together - but the rope....won' Johansson will jump into the quicksand, saving everyone with her digitally enhanced bosoms. Hey, maybe it will make everyone more money than the movie.

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