• Will the onslaught of profanity that makes The AristocratsThe Aristocrats make any inroads in making the f-word more acceptable? If the experts that Michael Brick talked to know anything about it, probably not
  • There are two different Daniel Pearl projects in the pipeline - but Warner Brothers' might get derailed by the biggest celebrity divorce of hte year.
  • "Picture the Osbournes in an episode of Survivor produced by the Sundance Channel." David Hochman talks to John Pierson about Reel Paradise, the film documenting the year Pierson and his family spent in Fiji, running a free cinema for the island locals.
  • It's hard to have a smart-sounding opinion on dumb blondes when you essentially are one.
  • Mike Hale on why the 3,000 screen wide opening sometimes doesn't work.
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