The Archangel Gabriel (Dan Hedaya, obviously) is the Chief of Heaven's police department. He has to deliver bad news to his two top angel detectives. God has been reading Cosmo apparently, and has become concerned that the divorce rate is too high, so he wants to send a covey of immortals to do something to create more love matches. At first stumped for ideas, the angels decide to set up a mischief shop on Earth - "The Firm But Fair Collection Agency" - from which they can harass, cajole and threaten random humans, since the research shows a high correlation between people in jeopardy and people falling in love. They push one of their targets too far however, and the plan starts to go haywire.

Deep breath. Did you get all of that? Most people certainly didn't. 1997's A Life Less Ordinary took an incredible tarring from the critical community on its initial release. "By this point I was well past caring," sniffed Little Lord Ebert about the film's third act, which he admitted not understanding at all. My personal feeling is that timing played a big part in the film's misfortunes. 1997-1999 was something of a mini-renaissance for American film, with a lot of prestige projects and bold directors making their bones. During periods like that, screwball comedies and uncynical love stories are expected to skedaddle from the main stage.

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