Bad News BearsSeveral readers have raised some issues on my Bad News Bears review that I think merit some further discussion. A couple of readers have taken me to task for taking my 8-year-old daughter to a PG-13 movie, and another user surmises that I must not have grown up in the 1970s, because if I had I would know that it was common back then for kids to ride in cars without seatbelts.

First, I did grow up in the 1970s, riding around in the back of my parents' pickup with no seatbelt. My oldest daughter is 19 and in college. Bad News Bears is a remake of a film made in 1976, but it is not set in 1976. It's set in the present, almost 30 years later. So while in 1976 it may have been common and acceptable for a guy to cruise around with eight or nine kids crammed, unseatbelted, into a convertible, in 2005 it certainly is not, and he wouldn't have gotten six blocks without getting pulled over. As for the language - yeah, kids cuss. I did, my friends did. And if it had just been a little language sprinkled throughout the film - a few "dammits" and "buttfaces" and even the occasional "penis breath" or "asshole", okay.

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