• GQ has pimped stars from Dukes of Hazzard on its cover for two consecutive months. I'd try to be snarky about this, but the fact is, I simply enjoy looking at Johnny Knoxville way too much to craft an intelligible critique.
  • "If my world view is increasingly being defined in reaction to a kind of religious right wing," says Phil Morrison, director of Junebug, "this movie was the littlest, teeniest effort to explore the possibility that there is fundamentalist secularism, too - and that it is nihilism."
  • Yeah, NBC might acquire Dreamworks - or maybe Ron Meyer and David Geffen are just two old buddies playing catch-up.
  • Maya Cinemas wants to offer options for Spanish-speaking patrons: first run new releases alongside Spanish-language imports; plus churros at the concession stand and hospitality services for families. Altruism? Maybe ... or the fact that Latinos go to the movies twice as much as any other group might have something to do with it.
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