• General Electric, NBC Universal's parent company, has given the go ahead to move forward on an aquisition of Dreamworks. It's thought that the eventual deal would be fairly huge - NBC would have to put down at least $1 billion, and would in turn aquire Dreamworks' 60-film library, and likely lock in a multi-picture deal for Universal with Dreamworks founder, Steven Spielberg. Talks are expected to ramp up this week.
  • Studios are picking sides on the new DVD format war: Fox, Disney and MGM are expected to go in for Sony's Blu-Ray format, whilst New Line, Warners, HBO Films, Universal and Paramount are all about HD DVD, due to launch later this year. The two formats are incompatible, so the studios' split on the issue essentially sucks for consumers.
  • John Fusco, who's most famous for writing Young Guns, has been hired by Fox 200 to adapt Wolf Brother, from the Chronicles of Darkness series. It'll be produced by Ridley and Tony Scott, but is unlikely to be directed by either.
  • John Landis, of Animal House fame, has been hired to directShow Dogs, about a homeless dog who becomes a canine beauty queen.
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory made $19.4 million overseas this weekend. Meanwhile, our two recent bombs are having disparate fortunes on foreign shores: The Island is improving on its domestic take, whilst Stealth is turning out to be a Univeral dud.
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