Does it seem like Cinematical is turning into a Lauren Bacall fansite? Well, you're not far off. Here at Cinematical headquarters, we're multitasking today: blog, blog, blogging with one eye, whilst the other stays firmly fixed on Turner Classic Movies. They're running a Bacall marathon today, leading up to tonight's premiere of Private Screenings: Lauren Bacall. It's a new interview with the star, hosted by TCM's Robert Osbourne, in which the great lady dishes on her life and career. But first, the movies: The Big Sleep just finished and Vincente Minnelli's gloriously candy-coated comedy Designing Woman is just about to start. After that it's the shamefully little-seen Sex and the Single Girl, followed by Screenings at 8pm, and then at 9, Key Largo. If you're not already convinced to spend the day locked inside glued to TCM, I don't know if there's anything I can do for you.
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