Jimmy Stewart was a lot of things ... but FBI secret agent? Not the easiest thing to believe, but a new bio on the star swears it's true. Michael Munn's Jimmy Stewart: The Truth Behind the Legend refers to testimony from Stewart's ex-wife, Gloria Hatrick McLean, who claims that J. Edgar Hoover recruited the staunch right-wing Stewart to spy on his Hollywood friends, including Cary Grant and Frank Capra, in the name of anti-communism. "When Hoover realised Jim was willing to fight crime he played on it. Jim would have done anything to get those gangsters out of town," said McLean. Now here comes the Big Fat Icky Biblical Analogy: McLean continues, "Jim went barefoot up the mountain and saw the burning bush - only God's name was J. Edgar Hoover."  Insert joke about Christianity and crossdressing right ... about ... HERE.
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