Two months ago, actress Sienna Miller was dropped from the lead role in an Edie Sedgwick biopic, allegedly for not being big enough of a star. But since then, Miller has very publically dropped fiancee Jude Law for sleeping with his baby nanny, a move which has apparently done wonders for her career, as the producers of Factory Girl have now invited Miller back into the fold. This announcement comes onthe heels of reports that Miller has been cast as the Queen of Sparta in an action epic called 300. A source close to the actress is drawing a straight correlation between the castings and the cheating: "Now she's deemed A-list famous...This is not the way Sienna would have liked to have won the role of Edie Sedgwick or a big action role, [but] professionally speaking, being so badly treated by Jude is the best thing that's happened to Sienna."

Huh. Rather than even attempt to parse the victim politics at work here, I'll point out that the role only opened up for Miller after her replacement, Katie Holmes, was convinced to drop out of the part by her fiancee, Tom Cruise, who deemed the project "too racy" for his little princess. So, lesson learned -- older, slightly skeevy fiancees will always get in the way of biopics about drug-addled, bulemic Warhol hangers-on. The choice, ladies, is yours.
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