Thanks to everyone who answered our last call for bloggers. If we haven't gotten back to you yet, don't worry, because we haven't gotten back to *anyone* yet -- we're still wading through responses. While we're at it, we thought we'd go forth and request one more volley of applications. This time, we're looking specifically for writers with a vested interest in the geek world: comic books, superheroes, video games, etc etc. Here's what we need from you:
  1. A 100-300 word write-up of a news or gossip item.
  2. A 450-800 word review of a film, DVD, movie trailer, film related book, etc.
  3. A 100-300 word post on a geek-related news item or issue - here's your chance to impress us with your expertise and analysis.
As always, we're looking for strong writers with excellent editorial skills and a sharp sense of humor. Sound like you? Send us your stuff here.