Aside from the fact that most of the women on it are between 35 and 45, there's nothing particularly remarkable about Eric Lundegaard's list of 10 Sexy Movie Broads. Well, there's the fact that he calls them "broads" - nice. But any list of sexiest anythings that rates Angelina Jolie at number one isn't exactly breaking new ground. Still, there is something remarkable about the way Lundegaard defines sexiness, and the manner in which he applies that definition to the defense of his choices:

Sexy is balance. Cool and hot at the same time. Interest and disinterest. It’s not passive but it’s not in a hurry either ... maybe it arrives when a woman decides to take charge. Or maybe I just like women taking charge.

So: Salma Hayek is sexy because "Her eyes say “Don’t mess” but the rest of her can’t help but say: Mess." Famke Janssen is "able to play the sexy innocent ... but is just as sexy, if not more so, when she gets aggressive." Lundegaard obviously has a little bit of a submissive, Mrs. Robinson complex, but, hey - who doesn't? I think he might be on to something. Other than Susan Sarandon (who he namechecks but doesn't place on the list), who do you think this definition applies to that he might have missed?

[via MCN]
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