Robert Altman's A Prairie Home Companion has already wrapped, but the director had a few words with Chris Hewitt before leaving Minnesota. When Hewitt asked the 80-year-old Oscar nominee where he thinks his latest film will find an audience, the famously left-wing Altman has a surprising answer. "I have a very definite idea that this film could find the kind of audience that went to Mel Gibson's Jesus picture: People who don't go to the movies, as a rule," he says. "This movie will play well in Oshkosh, Wis." And what about his little tabloid-tease of a costar? Shrug. "Lindsay Lohan may bring in a few [teenagers], but they're not going to go back from it with good word-of-mouth." Elsewhere in the interview, Altman admits that he's going into editing somewhat unfamiliar with his footage. "Oh, I haven't really seen the movie yet," he confirms. "When I'm watching it on the three monitors, I tend to lock on one of them." Hopefully PTA had an eye on at least one of the others.
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