The Harvard Lampoon is at it again, making an entire fake issue of a real magazine. This time it's Premiere. Some highlights:

  • The cover has a stark black and white picture of Tom Hanks with the caption, "Remembering Tom Hanks."
  • The BackStory section has "Movies, I'm Lovin' It," which are quotes about movies from celebs. From Robert Downey Jr.: "Movies provide a temporary escape...from prison."
  • A rundown on Kevin Spacey's next roles, including Beyond The Sea 2 which takes place on a beach..."for nudes."
  • New movies coming soon: Undercover Pope, with Martin Lawrence; The Stenographer, with Keanu Reeves, Doofus, with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, and a disaster flick called Erosion! with Bill Pullman and Morgan Freeman.
  • Lindsay Lohan on doing nude scenes: "Nude scenes are actually completely boring and technical. You just take the pills they give you and when you wake up three hours later, you don't know what the hell happened."
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