The Aristocrats opened on just four bi-coastal screens last weekend, but managed to take in almost $61,000 on each one, and Mark Urman, of distributor THINKfilm, thinks it all might just be a sign of an anti-conservative backlash. "The exceptional critical response has given people of, shall we say, aristocratic tastes, permission to climb into the sandbox with all of us lowbrows and everybody is having a good time," he told indieWIRE. "I tend to think that many people -- more than one might have imagined -- are fed up with the political correctness and pre-emptive self-censorship that has purged our popular entertainment of some of its most tasty and juicy bits. The Aristocrats is the antithesis and the antidote to political correctness." True that. The film opens a little wider this weekend, only to explode to hundreds of screens by August 19.

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