Quick, think back a couple of years - did you see A Knight's Tale in the theaters? What about The Animal? Hollow Man? The Patriot? If so, Sony owes you money. They're spending a reported $1.5 million to settle a class action lawsuit accusing them of appending the posters of the above films with fake blurbs from a made-up movie critic. "David Manning of the Ridgefield Press" called A Knight's Tale lead Heath Ledger "this year's hottest young star"; he also declared that, with The Animal, "The producing team of Big Daddy has delivered another winner!" Thought there is a small Connecticut newspaper called the Ridgefield Press, they claim they had never had a writer named David Manning. The lawsuit got rolling when two Californian moviegoers claimed they had been unfairly duped by the blurbs into seeing the Ledger film. Which is, you know, ridiculous, because if you're the kind of person who goes to see a crap movie because a critic told you that Soandso McPrettyboy is the "year's hottest young star", what do you care if that critic turns out to be every bit as studio-manufactured as the idol in question? Anyway. If you saw those movies, apparently you can fill out a claim form, and Sony will give you $5.
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