Francis Ford Coppola has been sitting on the rights to Jack Kerouac's On The Road since 1968. Well, not exactly: he's tried to set the thing up a couple of times, but the book has proven to be a difficult thing to translate. There's very little story to the thing, and as Will Hodgkinson writes, its "less a novel than a surge of energy - and that's not an easy thing to storyboard." But Coppola's trying one more time to get a production going: he's hired Dark Water director Walter Salles to adapt a new script, and has asked Billy Crudup to play the role of Sal Paradise. A side note: Allison Willmore points out that a letter from Kerouac was one of the items from Marlon Brando's estate recently sold at auction, and if this excerpt is any indication, he wanted it to go a very different way: "You play Dean and I'll play Sal (Warner Bros. mentioned I play Sal) and I'll show you how Dean acts in real life..."
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