A bunch of our readers have been wondering what steps they need to take in order to claim the $5-25 due them from the Sony/Fake Movie Critic class action suit. Well, first, Josh Bell pointed us to this link, where you can dowload PDFs about the deal and the case. There's also an email address to use if and when you're ready to file a claim. But then, reader Brian tipped us off to this legal notice, dated January 14, 2005, which states that all claims filed through the aforementioned site need to be received by July 15, 2005. Which, you know, was almost a month ago. If that's the case, that's pretty unfair, because I'm sure most of the people who could potentially collect in this case didn't even know about it until news of the settlement hit the wires this week. If anybody out there tries ot get their Sony money, please let us know how it goes.
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