Harvey Weinstein and Miramax are officially dead to each other as of September 30, but - of course - everyone's favorite megalomanic mogul is going out in a blaze of bitchery. He's contesting the 'R' rating slapped by the MPAA on The Great Raid, a long-shelved WWII drama that the Disney-affiliate plans to finally release next week. Harvey says the rating board's argument that Raid deserves an 'R' for violence is crap - after all, Pearl Harbor got a PG-13. "There have been a number of war films with comparable levels of violence that were given a 'PG-13' rating," he said. "The violence is not there to shock the audience, rather it's to show them an accurate depiction of what happened and is by no means excessive." Weinstein is going to submit the picture to the MPAA's Ratings Appeal Board, a body of 12 to 14 industry professionals, who will hear arguments from both sides before potentially reversing the MPAA's initial vote.