• Paramount has picked up film rights to A.J. Jacobs yet-to-be-published new project for Brad Pitt's Type A to produce. The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Obey the Bible As Literally As Possible finds Jacob doing exactly what it sounds like; he's the guy that read the encyclopedia for a year in order to write The Know It All.
  • Warner Brothers is going to remakeApres Vous, a French comedy that debuted here early this summer. Billy Crystal will star as the headwaiter who foils a stranger's suicide.
  • Meabwhile, Fox is planning to remake a Brazillian thriller called The Tresspasser. Director Frank E. Flowers will transpose the story to South Beach. He says he's fascinated "by the really interesting way Miami distributes wealth: Five blocks from a trendy, high-end neighborhood, you find what can only be called really shitty houses."
  • "The movie is a marketing campaign," says Justin Chang of My Date With Drew. But, "it could be a real draw for art house and mainstream auds, not least Barrymore's multitudinous fans."
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