• More details on Francis Ford Coppola's long-percolating adaptation of On the Road: thought yesterday's reports suggested that Coppola had hired Walter Salles to write a script for Coppola to direct, Pamela McClintock reports that the film, to be written by Jose Rivera and directed by Walter Salles, is currently in development at Focus Features.
  • Steve Jobs says that talks between Pixar and Disney are going well ... now that Michael Eisner is out of the picture. "I like ... Bob Iger and Dick Cook a lot," he said. "I'm cautiously optimistic but there are still several hurdles to cross."
  • The Weinsteins have picked upTom Yum Goong, the latest film from Thai martial arts master Tony Jaa, in which Jaa teams up with an Austrailian detective whilst on a trip down under to retrieve elephants for a Thai king.
  • Speaking of Weinsteins - is Harvey only causing a ratings fuss over The Great Raid because it's unwatchably mediocre? Robert Koehler intimates just that, calling the long-dormant WWII drama "a classic example of talented people given the wrong assignments."
  • Chow Yun Fat and Gong Li will star in Autumn Remembrance, to be directed by Zhang Yimou. They'll play star-crossed lovers, kept apart in part by Gong's stepmother, who wants Chow to herself.
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