Marilyn MonroeForty-three years after Marilyn Monroe's death, the ex-prosecutor who investigated her death says secret tapes Monroe made for her psychiatrist reveal she was not suicidal. Conspiracy theories have abounded for years about Monroe's death, which was officially determined a "probable suicide" caused by acute barbituate poisoning.

Then a Los Angeles County prosecutor, John Miner attended Monroe's autopsy in 1962 and investigated her death. He claims to have heard secret tapes made by Monroe's psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greeson, that indicated a woman with immediate and long-term plans for her future. Miner took extensive notes while listening to the tapes, and kept his promise to Greeson to keep the contents of the tapes confidential until years later, when some Monroe biographers questioned whether Greeson should have been a suspect in Monroe's death. Wonder if this latest chapter of Marilyn Monroe conspiracy theory will spike an increase in Monroe poster sales?

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