I didn't see Dukes of Hazzard this weekend, but I did see Brett Ratner's video for Jessica Simpson's version of "These Boots are Made For Walking", and if the film is one tenth as insulting to women, men, Southerners and above all, Willie Nelson, then it's no surprise it made $30.5 million this weekend - after all, Americans love a cruel joke. Elsewhere, The Wedding Crashers landed in the number two slot with $16.5 million, and at a drop of just 17% in its fourth week, that might as well be a gain. Not a single other new release made it into the top ten, although to be fair it should be noted that the week's second widest release,  My Date With Drew, only played on 50-something screens. Still, Broken Flowers and 2046 had moderately huge openings, with each averaging about $28,000 per screen. Full top ten is - you guessed it - after the jump.