This may not be *directly* movie-related, but it's certainly noteworthy, so deal.

As a class-A cynic, I'm usually somewhat indifferent to celebrity deaths, but Peter Jenning's passing feels like a truly sad thing. Jennings died tonight after a very short battle with lung cancer - he anchored his last installment of ABC Nightly News in early April - and even though it was well known that he was sick, this feels awfully sudden.

Jennings, who was 67, began anchoring ABC's nightly newscast at the age of 26. A smoker for most of his adult life, he quit in the mid-80s, but is said to have started again after 9/11. There has been little news of his condition since he stepped off the anchor post to go into treatment, but there had been a fair amount of blog whispering this weekend that the end was near.