I like Catherine Zeta-Jones. I really do. Not only do I think that her Oscar for Chicago was fully deserved, but she really brings out the wannabe trophy wife in all of us. I have sporadic fantasies about spending a day with her in a luxury hotel suite in, like, Monaco, or Milan, drinking champagne and ordering room service and charging things out of catalogues to Michael Douglas' credit card. Which is why, believe it or not, I'm not at all offended by the news that she and hubby are planning to remake his 1989 film, War of the Roses. Essentially the less-meta prototype for Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Roses starred Douglas and Kathleen Turner as the divorcing couple who will each do anything to retain custody of their house. Obviously, the, uh, special nature of the Zeta-Jones/Douglas marriage will require a bit of script tweaking. Cathy says they're on it: "We both have ideas on how the script can be explored in a new direction. We hope to get the project up and running next spring." Somehow I get the feeling that Douglas' "ideas" will be easily dismissed with a well-manicured hand to the cheek and a smooth, "Why doesn't Daddy have the driver pull the car around?" Nice.
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