Rob Cohen, director of Stealth (and numerous previous masterpieces such as XXX and Fast and the Furious), has got a lot to prove to journalists like Rachel Abramowitz, who writes, "In this year of the missing moviegoer, perhaps no genre has proven as perilous as the old stalwart of action, where the failures tend to be colossal, and the red ink runs in rivers." Luckily for those of us who came to laugh at him, Cohen's more than happy to turn up his nose and throw around a lot of big words he learned in college:

"I think there's a love of infamy and heroism that doesn't play into the zeitgeist ... I don't think this generation sources their heroes in this arena. Maybe they'll source their heroes as ... an heiress who does soft-core porn, [but] action films are usually about the male hero, and if you live in a time when you don't believe in heroes, it makes it difficult ... to make action films as they've been traditionally defined."

To paraphrase: the man who once had Vin Diesel as a muse is saying that his movie's failure is Paris Hilton's fault.