In a stunning bit of misdirection, it seems that Dreamworks recently invited a group of journalists to tour its animation facilities, and Dark Horizons, for one, totally took the "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" bait. After sneak-peaking three new projects (including two stop-motion features produced in conjunction with British studio Aardman), Paul Fischer is all drool - I lost track of how many times he dropped the meaningless phrase, "fans have plenty to look forward to." And the syndicates picking up on this story are even worse. "The forthcoming goods," Moviehole writes, "Are as slick as silk." As if this kind of studio-stroking wasn't bad enough, check out this revisionism: "DreamWorks Animation head honcho Jeffrey Katzenberg has a lot to be smiling about these days ... that division of the studio is on a roll." Oh yeah? Ibeg to differ. Perhaps the upcoming animation offerings truly are spectacular, and I'm sure the studio served a very nice lunch, but come on - how can you file a report this biased and blatantly paid for and respect yourself in the morning? And if Dreamworks made the journalists promise not to discuss their troubles in exchange for the tour? Well, that's just gross.
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