Attention, Amy Sedaris fans: it might soon be time to get militant. Fimoculous pointed us to this Strangers With Candywebsite, which is spreading the rumor that the feature based on the Comedy Central series might not hit big screens at all. Strangers premiered at Sundance last winter to rabid fan noise and little other attention. Warner Independent had been planning to open the film on a few screens in late October, but have apparently removed the Strangers page from their website, and the film is nowhere on their list of upcoming releases. A source at Warner Independent told Jerri that the film has been completely wiped from Warners' slate. What's up with this? Admittedly, the post-Sundance critical buzz wasn't stellar, but the picture obviously has a built in audience. And, with March of the Penguins, the summer's biggest indie hit, under their probably-not-cinched-too-tight belts, you'd think the big-studio indie arm could afford to take a chance.
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