How hard is Nicole Kidman working to outdo her ex? According to John Sutherland, the driving motivation behind each of Kidman's choices is to top Tom Cruise. Evidence: "He makes the big-budget paranormal thriller Minority Report: she makes the delicately nuanced paranormal puzzle-piece, The Others. He does a ludicrously OTT* War of the Worlds: she revisits the subtlest film in the invasion genre. Anything he can do, she can do better." It's obvious that Kidman's carer just skyrocketed after the couple's divorce, but that seemed to me to have more to do with back-to-back Oscar nominations (and a win for The Hours) than any conscious desire on her part to take down the (adoptive) father of her kids. What do you think?

*We think this means "over the top" -- ed.
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