This Marilyn Monroe secret tape story has legs like ... well, more like Joan Blondell than the slightly-stumpy Norma Jean. But combing through the transcript at, I keep stumbling across juicy berries that the various reports I've read have only ticked off. Most scandalous is Monroe's fling with Joan Crawford. Marilyn claims she gave Joan - who would have been in her mid-late fifties at the time - "a gigantic orgasm", and then rebuffed the Oscar winner's offer of "another round."

It always strikes me as odd, the image of Joan Crawford that seems to stick in the public conciousness - it's really based less on a snapshot of the actual actress, and more on Faye Dunaway's caricature from Mommie Dearest. Crawford worked steadily from the mid-1920s through the mid-'60s. For the first 20 of those years, she really hardly resembled the red-lipsticked, shoulder-padded queen that Dunaway sends up. This image comes from Montana Moon, a musical Western from 1930. This fan site has plenty more Crawfordiania, including images segregated by year, so you can really see her transformation from killer-eyed young femme into the hulking mom from hell.
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