Doesn't it seem like every day there's a new Scarlett Johansson interview outtake to chew on? The girl with the brontasaurus breasts certainly gives good soundbite. Now she's going around saying that Patrick Swayze, whom she once considered a "hero" (!), shunned her at a party, at which point she burst into tears. Contact Music quotes the starlet: "I actually ran up to Patrick at a party, and said, 'Hi, it's so nice to meet you. I just wanted you to know I've really liked Dirty Dancing since I was a little girl.'" Swayze tossed off a mutter in response - "That was a long time ago" - and Scarlett was devastated. "I  shrunk into a corner, cried and went home." Insert "nobody puts Baby in a corner" joke right  ... about ... here.
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