As if filmmakers needed another reason to hate critics. Apparently, a writer for the Philadelphia Daily News (I'm going to leave him nameless, because I'm sure he's going through enough) accidentally stole John Singleton's wallet. He was interviewing the director and, thinking the generic black leather billfold was his, took it off a conference table and packed it into his briefcase and packed off to the Poconos for the weekend. It takes Singleton a couple of hours to realise he's wallet-less, and at this point, he's got no idea where the thing could be. He's booked on a flight to Atlanta for a screening, but he can't get on a plane without ID (thank you, Homeland Security!), so an assistant has to fly from LA to Philly to bring him his passport. Meanwhile, three days later, the critic is going through his things, and he asks himself - no, wait for it - "Why do I have two wallets?" He finally looked inside one of them and realised that he'd made a huge mistake. "I feel horrible," he said. I'm sure that's true, but judging by Four Brothers' current metacritic score, I doubt Singleton's in much of a mood to forgive and forget.

[via MCindie]