That's what the Page Sixers are suggesting this morning. They say that a building on the Paramount lot was recently draped in black fabric ("a la Christo", points out the surprisingly culturally literate tabloid) so that Cruisie-woozie wouldn't be seen as he walked from his trailer to the soundstage where he's shooting Mission Impossible: 3. "This is not okay," quoth a seemingly even-more-divatastic employee. "I need light and I need to be able to find the door." Brat. Anyway - Cruise's sisterpublicist sister/publicist insists that Tom "didn't ask for this", and as soon as complaints were registered, he asked for the tarps to be taken down. This is a pretty good time to toss complaints at Tom Cruise, it would seem: he's so firmly entrenched in damage control mode that he'll do whatever it takes to make his detractors happy. Nic Kidman would be well advised to renegotiate whatever Scientology-silence pact he's got her under while it lasts.
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