Another one for the Cinematical That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore files: Kevin Smith is apparently pretty pissed off that long-time friend and collaborator Ben Affleck didn't invite him to his secret wedding. Smith was set to be a groomsman at the wedding Affleck didn't have with Jennifer Lopez. As such, he says, "I figure [Jennifer] Garner saw me as the curse that jinxed it, and thought best  to keep me as far away as possible." When asked by the NY Daily News if he still planned to buy Affleck and Garner a wedding present, Smith responded in the negative. "I'm gonna [have sex with] my wife to celebrate their marriage," he said. "If it would make her feel better, she can call me Ben and I can call her Jen...It would be the most fictional role-playing ever. I'm no Affleck, which is bad in the bedroom, but good professionally." Oh, yeah? Why's that again? "I don't have to explain Gigli for the next 10 years." Rimshot. Thank you, Manhattan!

Affleck married Daredevil co-star Garner in a super-exclusive ceremony last month.
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